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Welcome to Catgirl Labs!

I’m Layla, or N3KOcardiff,
a Cardiff-based stickerer and street artist, using art and activism to promote LGBTQ+ acceptance in Wales!

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“So, what do you DO here, exactly?”

well, let me explain!

I make the CUTEST trans rights stickers!

In early 2018, I had an idea. “What if I took trans rights, and made them look GREAT?”
So, I went home, and started work!

My first design was “Trams Rights”, using a bad pun and a cute doodle of a Tatra T3 tram!
It was BIG. Snappy. Colourful. Joyful. Eye-catching. Memorable. Impossible to remove. (and why would you??)

and people LOVED it!
Since then, I’ve created many more designs, and over 6,500 stickers have been stuck around Cardiff, helping queer people to feel safe in their city!

I make queer public art!

As well as making cute stickers, I also do graffiti art, to spread a message of Pride, and make Cardiff a more beautiful city!

Graffiti art, such as the #PrideBikes!

In early 2021, I noticed that a number of Cardiff’s Nextbike rental bikes were missing their “ad boards”, or side panels.
So, with it being Pride Month, I started making my own replacement panels, covering twelve bikes in various LGBTQ+ Pride flag designs!

and, once again, people loved them!

The #PrideBikes were a hit on social media, were loved by Nextbike themselves, and even got featured in the news!

How cool is THAT!

I remove hateful graffiti!

As part of my “mission” to make Cardiff and Wales a safer place for LGBTQ+ people, I also remove and replace hateful graffiti, stickers and posters!

This hateful garbage, including homophobia, transphobia, and racism, makes people feel afraid to be themselves.
I won’t stand for that.

So, I cover it, with my own joyful characters!
(including Tatra the Trans Tram here!)

It looks SO much better, shows people that hate is never tolerated, and makes it clear that someone has your back!

Hell Yeah!

I stand up for what’s right!

Whenever there’s a social issue that threatens my rights, I always make sure to make my voice heard!

For example, when the BBC published a horrific article about the trans community, I gathered some friends and acquaintances, and protested outside the BBC Wales Cymru headquarters!

Making your voice heard by protest is a great way to bring societal change, and also shows the wider community that people CARE!

From trans rights, to killing the Police, Crimes, Sentencing and Courts bill, saving Cardiff’s Northern Meadows, and more, I’m always doing my best to STAND UP for WHAT’S RIGHT!

I help to improve my local community!

Being an activist is great, but what’s better is helping to improve the community that you live in!

Wherever I can, I try to take action on issues affecting my local area.

This includes creating a free public library in a disused phone box, using my extra home-cooked food to feed the homeless, spreading awareness about drug safety (carry Naloxone! It’s FREE!), and more!

If I can do it, and it’ll help someone, that’s exactly what I’ll do!

I believe in the Anarchist theory of Mutual Aid, using your skills and time to improve the lives of others, and wherever I feel like I can help, I go out there and do it!

Everyone should, including YOU!

What people like YOU think!

“N3KO has gone through so much crap, yet keeps making cool things!”
@WhatTheTrans on Twitter

“Thank you SO MUCH for lighting up Cardiff with joy! It’s been so reassuring seeing your work around town, as I moved here recently!
– anonymous, via email

“Your stickers are practically a Cardiff institution!”
@HoovesAreBetter on Twitter

“Your stickers made me switch from being a transphobe, to a trans ally!”
– anonymous Redditor

“The day you gave me a sticker was a turning point for me accepting myself!”
u/ChairmanMeow98 on Reddit

“I’ve seen one of your stickers at Newport station when I was changing trains! I was on my way back home from staying with my non-accepting family and was feeling pretty miserable and drained, and seeing that sticker really brightened my day!”
u/Munchie-Box on Reddit

“Every time I see your work, it makes me so happy!”
Athena, on Twitter

“Eeeeeeee this is so cool! Thankyou so much for everything you do N3ko. Your work makes sure that I never go into town without smiling at least once when I see a sticker.”
u/RavxnGoth on Reddit

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