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My Characters!!

Meet the very friendly residents of the Catgirl Universe, as seen on my stickers!


Tatra, like their name implies, is a Tatra T3 tram, designed by the amazing DJFrozo!
They moved to the tramways of the Catgirl Universe from Ukraine in 2018, to spread puns, trams rights, and cheer!

Sporting their very tidy trans flag livery, they have been seen everywhere, from Cardiff, Manchester, Europe, the USA, China, basically everywhere, spreading the message of Trans Rights, and a desire for more public transit! (that’s why they wear a British Rail logo!)


Oddie is the Head of Research here at Catgirl Labs!

She somehow managed to give herself the ears of a tabby cat, and is currently perfecting an eeeevil plan to make everyone a cat person!

But, when she’s not doing that, she’s often seen out in the streets of the world, Being Gay, and Doing Crimes!



Amber is Catgirl Labs’ very own Ace Asexual!

Joining us in 2022, she’s the latest in Oddie’s line of catgirl-human chimeras, spreading love for ace people all around Wales!

She’s here to let ALL asexual peeps know that they are indeed Very Ace!


Lukas was my boyfriend, sadly taken from us in 2018…

He gave me the idea to start stickering in the first place, so it’s only right that I’ve immortalised him, to spread the good word that ALL trans guys are AWESOME!

1998-2018, I still miss you, my dude <3


Designed as a mascot for Reddit’s /r/traa, by the brilliant Dema, Traa-Tan entered the Catgirl Universe almost by accident!

(well, it’s more that 2017 N3KO didn’t know how to ask for artist’s permission, oooops! She’s all kosher now though, sorry Dema!)

After a very N3KO redesign, she’s been seen spreading the good word of trans joy, Catgirl Research, and how good pickles taste, all throughout the world!

She’s even been seen in Antarctica!


Layla was originally designed to be my own profile avatar person!
(and then some, there’s a reason she’s got my name!)

But, that’s not to say she’s boring, oh no!
Layla has a very creative and mischievous side, painting badass graffiti, and starrng in my famous Be Crime Do Gays sticker!

She’ll also be pointing out other people’s awesome stickers and street art, to show Cardiff’s amazing street art scene some love!


Josh is the first of Catgirl Labs’ foxboys!

Loving retro gaming and ladybugs, he’ll soon be spreading love for aromantic folks, in Cardiff and beyond!

Keep your eyes peeled, he’ll be popping up soon!

If you’d like to use any of my characters for your own projects, just give me a shout!
Please don’t just nick them, as they’re all protected under UK Copyright.
Any resemblance to any person is completely accidental, please don’t be offended!
thanks! – Layla