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Catgirl Networks

Friendly IT and web design services, for Cardiff’s small businesses!

Are you a small business in Cardiff?

If so, we have good news 🙂

Catgirl Networks builds awesome websites, reliable WiFi networks, and more, to support YOUR small business.

We’re also proud of our competitive low pricing, and our friendly, personal service!

Who we’ve worked with:

The Queer Emporium:

In 2021, we worked with The Queer Emporium, a store in Cardiff’s Royal Arcade supporting local LGBTQ+ businesses.
We built them a fast, modern website, which beautifully showcases the store and it’s partnered creators, with many friendly personal touches.
(and, we highly recommend taking a look!)

We used a fully custom WordPress theme and plugins (our very own Nycto Framework), which powers this website as well!

Not only that, we continue to host and maintain their site, using our own secure colocated servers and CloudFlare’s global CDN.

Cashflow Properties:

In January 2022, we worked with Cashflow Properties, to install fast and reliable WiFi in four of their rental properties in Cardiff.

We commissioned fibre optic broadband connections and an enterprise-grade WiFi network in each property, allowing all tenants access to a super-fast, secure, and reliable internet connection, throughout the whole property.

We mainly use Ubiquiti Networks’ UniFi access points, and HP Enterprise routers and switches, to build reliable, affordable, high-speed networks.


Here at Catgirl Networks, we take pride in creating custom systems to fulfill our IT needs, for a very low cost.
Using a combination of our own hardware, cloud providers (AWS/Google Cloud), and open-source software, there isn’t much we can’t do!

We are also CCNA2 certified, and proficient with administrating most industry-standard IT equipment!

So, what are you waiting for?

Contact us today, and see how we can supercharge your business!