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My super-awesome stickers!

Spreading joy, love, and acceptance, all around the world!
(soon to be updated with NEW sticker designs!)

Trams Rights!

My Trams Rights sticker is my first and favourite design, from 2018!

I like trams, and I am trans, so when I found DJFrozo’s awesome art of Tatra the Trans Tram, I just HAD to couple it with a pun

and just like that, Trams Rights was born!

It’s cute, it’s funny, and it looks GREAT, you’ve gotta agree!

Hell Yeah Trans Rights!

HYTR was my second sticker design, made just after I moved to Cardiff!

It’s simple, it’s eye catching, and it REALLY gets the message across!

Hell Yeah, Trans Rights!!

Support Catgirl Research!

My very own “calling card”, because Catgirl Research is exactly what the future needs!

It’s not got a secret meaning or anything (or does it!), it’s simply to make people smile, and say “I was here”!

Trans Joy Is Real!

Because not enough people know the pure joy in finally being your authentic self!

so, I made this, featuring the beaming face of /u/Demastro’s Traa-Tan, famous on Reddit’s /r/traaaa meme community 🙂

Cranky ‘Cause You’re Transphobic!

A light-hearted response to angry transphobic stickers, starring Felix Argyle from the anime Re:Zero!

It can make anyone smirk, unless they’re a transphobe!

Love Always Wins!

Proving once and for all that love ALWAYS wins out over hate!

This was made in response to a transphobic pile-on in early 2020, featuring my very own Nat, jumping for joy!

HxH Trans Rights!

I came up with this one while watching Hunter X Hunter!

It’s SO damn cute, too! Hell Yeah indeed, Kahlua!

Be Crime, Do Gays!

A funny reversal of “Be Gay Do Crimes”, because I’m crime, and I do gays!

Another of my “calling cards”, featuring art of Layla doing some much cleaner graffiti than I can manage!

That’s Pretty Ace!

Showing asexual people that they are indeed Pretty Ace!

I’m always coming up with new sticker ideas, too!

If you have an idea you think I’d like, or a better photo of one in the wild, let me know, as I’d love to see it!

I hope you enjoyed these!
If you’d like some of your own, check out my shop! (coming SOON)

Thank you SO MUCH for looking, and be sure to keep a lookout for any in Cardiff, and beyond!